At SPM Healing, we strive to avoid the cookie cutter model of meditation. We truly believe that meditation is a unique and personal experience. There are many paths to the mountaintop. Our job is to point out the Mountain, teach you how to hike and then be the harness on your back as you find the way. SPM Healing is all about helping you find your inner sanctuary.

We aren’t your $200 a month yoga and meditation juice bar. We aren’t meditation for the masses. We don’t spew lines you could read in the self-help section of your local bookstore. All our bookings are done via email so that we have a chance to correspond and learn more about you and your needs. Our teacher comes prepared with a session plan to work with your goals. At SPM Healing, we believe that meditation classes must be tailored to fit everyone’s unique and intimately personal experience of life.

Consequently we do not offer group classes. We do however believe that group meditation can serve a function, and we are always more than happy to refer people to local group meditation classes that are free and in line with their needs.


Our clients range from business professionals to college students. We help people in a variety of areas including:

Sports Psychology : Classes focus on increasing bodily awareness and mental clarity to improve reactions. Additional focus on reducing stress and performance anxiety.

Corporate Success: Raising an intuition of mental formations and habits. Improving mindfulness awareness to improve active listening and body language awareness. Special focus on managing stress and anxiety.

Emotional Wellbeing: Balancing your bodily energy flow and mental balance. Special focus on increasing positive mental energy and releasing negative suppressive energy.

Relationship Health: Development of emotional intelligence and non-self meditation. Special focus on Metta (loving-kindness) meditation.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression: Learn techniques of mental awareness and insight meditation to pull yourself out of episodes of depression and anxiety and cope with stress. Develop Metta meditation to increase positive energy.

Eating Disorders, Addictions: Classes hone in on a blended bodily and present moment awareness. Special focus on recognizing and releasing habitual thoughts and impulses.

Chronic Pain: Reprogramming your response to pain. Our classes help to bring deep bodily awareness to the pain, exploring and reconditioning the mental and physical reactions your body has to the source of pain.

Mental Focus: Developing clarity of insight. Sound meditation may be used as an aid.


The practice of meditating helps you live in a more relaxed lifestyle connected with nature.

Scientific knowledge on the benefits of meditation is constantly increasing. Recent studies show the positive impact meditation has on mental health, cognitive efficiency, mood balance and lifestyle improvement.

Long-term meditation can also result in physiological changes to the brain. A 6 week long study conducted by researchers at UCLA showed an increase in grey matter density in the brain. Grey matter is primarily responsible for cognitive processing, with greater density being associated with higher cognitive function and increased sensory awareness.

New studies are even finding meditation may have the potential to delay aging. If you are interested in learning more about the many benefits of meditation backed by science, look here.


All of our classes start as 1 hour sessions. The format is as follows:


All our booking is done online.
Please send us an email at
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All correspondence is entirely confidential. At SPM Healing, we respect our clients’ integrity and privacy. No information you share, including your contact information, will be shared or distributed in any way. That’s a promise!


Toronto • Ottawa • Oakville

The convenience of our classes is that we come to you. Most of our classes are done at your location in home, as it helps to have the comfort of familiar surroundings.

If you prefer, we can also arrange to have classes scheduled at our Oakville location.

Occasionally we arrange to have classes done outdoors at various locations. Outdoor meditation sessions are weather dependent.

All classes are by appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled by emailing SPM Healing.